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Tooth decay can often go unnoticed until lasting damage has been inflicted on your teeth. It is therefore very important to maintain a good level of dental health to prevent tooth decay from occurring even if you do not suffer from any symptoms.

How does tooth decay occur?

Plaque acids eating away at the dental enamel and bacteria infecting the inside of the tooth cause tooth decay.

Plaque is a sticky film, which clings to the surface of your teeth. This plaque is acidic and can easily eat its way through dental enamel if left to sit on the tooth. During the first stage of decay you will feel no pain until the decay has reached the dentin. The dentin layer is very sensitive and you will feel extreme pain in your tooth if the bacteria is able to eat its way here. If your tooth is still left untreated the bacteria will make their way through the dentin into the dental chamber, which holds the vital tissue and pulp that keep your tooth alive.

Once it has entered the dental chamber and infected the inside of your tooth you will most definitely feel pain! Treatment for an infected dental chamber will usually involve root canal treatment, but if you leave the tooth further dental abscesses can then develop, which are incredibly painful and potentially very dangerous.

What can I do to stop tooth decay?

Tooth decay can cause a lot of problems and could eventually lead to you losing your teeth, but it is very, very easy to stop tooth decay from occurring.

Step 1: Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash on a regular basis is the bedrock of good dental health. Brush your teeth for two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening to remove plaque and food debris that may lead to tooth decay. Flossing isn’t as widely used, but it should actually be a vital part of your dental health routine, as it helps to clear away the plaque and food that your brush can’t reach, namely that found between the teeth. Mouthwash is then uses to completely clear the mouth of debris and coat the teeth in protective fluoride.

Step 2: Every day you teeth are under constant attack from acid, when can cause both acid erosion and tooth decay. This acid eats away at the dental material making it more susceptible to problems. To prevent too many acid attacks limit your intact of sugary or acidic foods and drinks to meal times, which will decrease the number of times your teeth are attacked during the day. Another little tip is to eat a cube of cheese when having something acidic, which will neutralise the acid in your mouth and prevent decay.

Step 3: Visit your City of London dentist every 6 months for a check-up. Dentists can spot even the most miniscule points of decay and can provide sealants or fillings to prevent any tooth decay problems from developing.





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