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How to Make The Most of Your Invisalign Aligners this Christmas


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Invisalign is a very effective orthodontic treatment; however, the results of treatment are dependent on the individual patient. In order for the braces to work their magic and achieve incredible results, it’s essential to get the treatment process right. Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your Invisalign aligners this Christmas.

Listen to your dentist

At Christmas, we tend to be rather lax in comparison to our normal daily routine, and we switch to holiday mode. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s good to have rest and a well-earned break, but don’t apply this train of thought to wearing your braces. Just because you’re taking time off doesn’t mean that you can relax the rules when it comes to Invisalign treatment. Make sure you listen to your dentist’s advice, and wear your aligners for the recommended time each day. If you leave your braces out for long periods of time, you may be disappointed when it comes to the end of treatment.

Keep your aligners clean

Wearing braces, even removable aligners, can elevate your risk of developing decay or gum disease. Over the Christmas period, make sure you keep your aligners as clean as possible. Rinse them regularly using lukewarm water.

Keep tabs on your oral hygiene

When you wear braces it’s essential to maintain high standards of oral hygiene. Take your aligners out when you eat and clean your teeth. This will enable you to give your teeth a thorough clean; it also prevents food from getting trapped in the aligners.

At Christmas, we tend to indulge in foods that aren’t always the best for our dental health. If you are eating sweet treats, for example, it’s even more important to keep tabs on oral hygiene. Try to avoid grazing during the day, and wait an hour to brush after eating. Use fluoride toothpaste, brush for 2 minutes, and avoid brushing too firmly, as this harms the enamel.


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