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When it comes to looking after your smile, brushing and flossing regularly can only do so much. Issues such as stained teeth, gaps, slightly twisted teeth and small teeth can all be treated using a range of cosmetic dental treatments we offer at Harley Street Dental Studio. Below are a few options available to our patients:


Veneers such as MACveneers can be used for a range of issues. If you have stained teeth, slightly crooked teeth, gaps or want to change the shape of your teeth, veneers might be for you. They are made from durable porcelain, which is able to mimic the look of natural teeth. The veneers are fitted over the front of the teeth to look like the rest of your teeth. They can be used to fill in small gaps between teeth and cover stubborn stained teeth. Just one or a few may be worn, or full arches. They are very popular with celebrities as they offer a effective solution to a range of issues and give a beautiful glossy white smile to patients.

Teeth whitening

A very quick and simple way to improve your smile is by having whitening treatment. We can make our patients’ teeth up to seven times whiter using our state of the art teeth whitening technology. Whitening kits bought on the high street barely have enough strength to do anything, but our highly skilled experts will give you the whitening experience you deserve and the results you want for a beautiful, white, dazzling smile.

Dental implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, stopping you from feeling confident in your smile, dental implants may be the best choice for you. Metal rods are fitted into the tooth roots, offering a strong and permanent anchorage for natural looking and durable teeth to be attached, mimicking your natural teeth arches. There will be no slipping of dentures, of feeling unable to eat certain foods, dental implants act, look and feel like your natural teeth.


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