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How the Pure Power Mouthguard can Boost the Sporting Performance of Athletes in London


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Mouthguards during sports are generally used to just protect the teeth, however, with a Pure Power Mouthguard not only are your teeth protected, but your sporting abilities are also enhanced.

How does the Pure Power Mouthguard work?

A Pure Power Mouthguard will fit better than any boil and bite or generic mouthguard you buy from a London sports shop, as it is custom fitted to your orthodontic prescription. In order to create the perfect match images and computer scans on your teeth and mouth are made, after which your personalised mouthguard will be created.

The Pure Power Mouthguard out performs other mouthguards as it not only protects the teeth, but brings the jaw into alignment. This then has the knock on effect of straightening any misalignment in the body, including the neck, shoulders and pelvis, so you will feel stronger and more certain in your body.

What are the other benefits of the Pure Power Mouthguard?

A Pure Power Mouthguard is also able to:

Relieve the symptoms of TMJD, by bringing the jaw into its correct position. TMDJ affects a large number of the population and can lead to jaw pain, fatigue and neck pain. With a Pure Power Mouthguard such problems are relieved.

A Pure Power Mouthguard also provides a greater level of protection against sporting injuries and help save your teeth from potential damage.

Who is suitable for the Pure Power Mouthguard?

Most people are suitable for the Pure Power Mouthguard, however, those who do not have their back teeth, or whose teeth are in a state of decay will not be able to opt for the Pure Power Mouthguard, as it requires healthy back teeth to achieve alignment. Those wearing orthodontic braces will also not be suitable for the mouthguard, as it is custom fitted and their teeth will be in constant movement throughout their treatment.

For more information on Pure Power Mouthguard please feel free to get in touch with the practice today.


How the Pure Power Mouthguard can Boost the Sporting Performance of Athletes in London

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