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How Patients In London Can Brush And Floss Effectively


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Although we fit oral care into busy lifestyles and routine, looking after our oral health may be made more pleasurable through the techniques we use, our knowledge of dental care, and products of preferences. Effective oral hygiene hinges on our motivation to practice oral care, the time we set aside to brush and floss, and our understanding of oral hygiene practice for effective care.

Dentists and oral hygienist teach how to brush and floss effectively

We are uniquely made with differently shaped mouths, dentition size and shape and oral care needs. Receiving regular six monthly dental check-ups helps us learn from dental professionals how to evolve our oral hygiene care to meet our changing oral health needs. Dentists and dental hygienists teach teeth brushing and flossing technique, clean and scale teeth, and advice on oral care products most suited to personal needs.

Dentures, restorations and orthodontic devices may need special oral hygiene care

Knowing how to cleanse oral appliances and dental restorations prevents damage and trauma to the mouth. Dentists provide information about how to brush and floss such devices and restorations carefully and effectively for lasting results. A range of cleansing products such as bridge flossers , denture cleansers and interdental brushes are available for removal of plaque.

Certain oral hygiene tools and products may better suit our needs

Brushing and flossing with the right tools, products and technique effectively removes plaque and bacteria for a healthy fresh mouth.

Build oral hygiene practice into daily routine

Set time aside daily after awaking, following meals and before sleep for brushing and flossing teeth according to dentist-recommended technique. Dental cleansing kits are easily transported for continued oral hygiene care. Making sure the gums, tongue and palate are clean prevents bacterial build-up, tooth decay and gum disease. Contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London for more oral hygiene advice.




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