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How ICON can wipe out white spots on your teeth


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Do you have white spots on your teeth? If so, you may feel self-conscious when you smile. Thankfully, we have a fantastic treatment ready and waiting to give you a gorgeous smile. ICON white spot treatment is a revolutionary technique, which aims to banish spots and create a much healthier and more attractive aesthetic.

Why would I need ICON treatment?

White spots can form as a result of many different causes, but in most cases, they are associated with one of the following factors:

  • Fluorosis (exposure to excessive levels of fluoride)
  • Decalcification (loss of minerals from the enamel)
  • Trauma (usually in childhood)
  • Poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment
  • Molar incisal hypoplasia (when the enamel and dentine are softer than usual in childhood)
  • Decay

What does ICON treatment involve and how does it work?

ICON treatment is an infiltration method, which can be carried out during a short, painless, non-invasive procedure. When you have a white spot, this is often formed as a result of acids causing demineralisation in the enamel, which creates a vestibule. Before treatment, the surface of the tooth is etched and dried. The ICON infiltrate is then applied to the white spot. This substance penetrates into the porous enamel tissue, filling in the pores and creating a smooth surface. The final stage of treatment involves using a curing light to stabilise the tooth. The end result is a perfect looking tooth with no visible white spots.

If you have white spots on your teeth and you’d like to learn more about ICON treatment, why not give us a call and arrange an appointment?

How ICON can wipe out white spots on your teeth

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