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How Does Gum Resculpting Work?


How can we help?

If you have cosmetic issues with the line of your gums or you have a gummy smile, we can help. With gum resculpting, also known as contouring or shaping, we can sculpt and shape the gums to create a more attractive smile and provide you with greater confidence.

Why would I need gum resculpting?

If you have a gummy smile or your gums rest too high or too low, you may wish to consider gum resculpting. A gummy smile occurs when there is a larger than normal amount of pink gum tissue visible when you smile; there are no unpleasant medical symptoms to handle, but if you’re unhappy with the appearance o your smile, this can affect your confidence. A gummy smile tends to make the teeth look short and small and treatment can help to balance out the look of the smile.

We may also recommend resculpting treatment in cases where an individual has a high gum line; this can increase the risk of decay and premature tooth loss, as the tooth roots may become exposed

Gum contouring can be used alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, such as veneers and crowns; it can also form part of a smile makeover.

Treatment at Harley Street Dental Studio

Gum resculpting is a collaborative treatment, which is provided by Dr Federico Tinti, our specialist periodontist (an expert in the treatment of the gums) and our experienced team of cosmetic dentists. Together, they will work out the best course of action and use their expertise to produce outstanding results.

If you would like to find out more or book an appointment, call us or make an appointment for a consultation online; you could also pop in and see us if you’re passing!


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