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How Do Denture Implants Work For Missing Teeth?


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We are delighted to offer implant dentures as an independent treatment for tooth loss or as part of a dazzling smile makeover. Implant dentures afford you the luxury of a beautiful smile, as well as providing you with stability and amazing standards of functionality. With this incredible solution, you won’t be able stop smiling!

About denture implants

Denture implants are prostheses, which combine the benefits of implant and denture treatment to bring you stunning, natural looking teeth, which enable you to chew and bite with the same power as healthy natural teeth. With this option, we create custom-made dentures, which are stabilised by dental implants. Implants are small posts, which are made from titanium; they are placed in openings in the jaw bone and they are compatible with dentures, dental bridges and crowns. The idea of implant treatment is to provide a stable tooth replacement by substituting the tooth root with a sturdy implant.

There are two key stages of treatment: the first job, after planning is complete, is to fit the implants. Once the implants are secure and settled, the denture can then be connected and your smile will look exactly like a set of healthy, bright natural teeth.

We use computer imaging to design your denture and we actively encourage our patients to get involved during the planning stage, so that we can come up with the perfect smile together. We create each tooth individually and the outcome is a beautifully natural smile.

The benefits of denture implants

Denture implants provide patients with missing teeth with a number of benefits, including:

  • increased stability, which also facilitates peace of mind and confidence
  • natural looking, beautiful smiles
  • enhance functionality, which enables you to eat a wide range of foods
  • enhanced facial aesthetics
  • convenience and ease of use
  • reliability

If you think denture implants could be the solution for you, now is the perfect time to call and make an appointment for a consultation!


How Do Denture Implants Work For Missing Teeth?

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