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How Dental Care Can Help Treat a Migraine


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Do you suffer from migraines? Many people think migraines are just bad headaches, but they can cause a wealth of other symptoms, including nausea, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Migraines can make life a misery, especially if you experience them on a regular basis. If you’ve tried migraine remedies, but you can’t find a solution, we may be able to help.

How we treat migraines at Harley Street Dental Studio

In some cases, migraines and headaches may be linked to stiffness and tension in the TMJ, the temporomandibular joint. Sometimes, this is caused by bruxism, or tooth grinding. If you grind your teeth and you suffer from migraines or head, neck or shoulder pain, we may recommend trying a bite guard. A bite guard is a customised device, which is worn during the night to prevent the teeth from clashing together.

If you have chronic migraines, and other solutions haven’t been effective, we can also provide Botox therapy. Botox is often associated with anti-ageing benefits, but it is also an approved treatment for chronic migraines. Botox treatment limits the movement of the muscles around the head and neck, which releases tension, and it also blocks nerve signals that cause you to feel pain.

It is important to stress that Botox is not recommended for people who suffer from infrequent migraines. Generally speaking, this is a therapy, which should be reserved for those who experience symptoms of migraines during several days of each month.

If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis and it’s impacting your day to day life, call us and book a consultation. We will do our best to identify an effective solution for you and hopefully, enable you to enjoy a pain-free life.





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