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Let’s face it; being a teenager is no easy affair. There’s more pressure than ever on young people to look good, especially with the unfair media portrayal of air brushed models gleaming from every corner of existence and celebrities such as Cheryl Cole smiling sweetly at us from the TV screen.

The desire to fit in and look good is so strong that everyone wants to capitalise on it. Cosmetic surgery, creams, spray tans, makeup, hair extensions, face peels, manicures, pedicures; everywhere you look, every website you visit, every page you turn, another cosmetic procedure beckons you into its cosmos of correctness.

And, of course, teenagers are notoriously busy with proms, sports events, social gatherings, school, college and university trips; it seems that everyone and anyone will be looking at you and your mouth. A self conscious, half hearted smile is a definitive social no-no and repressing your true self will only lead to unhappiness and self doubt.

The benefits of a straight smile

A straight smile however is actually beneficial, not just for your looks, but for your overall oral health.  Not only do we care what other people think about our smile, we want our smile to be pretty damn good too. Straight, healthy teeth work wonders for our confidence, self-esteem and give us a magnificent ego boost. “A person’s smile reflects their personality and if they are self conscious of their teeth, they may appear standoffish or aloof” says Lina Cameron, a leading celebrity makeup artist. “When smiles are bright and straight people appear approachable and friendly. It’s a perfect treatment option to enhance your natural assets.”

Celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey are reported to have used Invisalign to perfect their smiles, so in the words of Madonna, “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself”.


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