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How Can Fillings Be Invisible?


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If you have metal fillings, you may wonder how on earth it’s possible for fillings to be invisible; if this is the case, we have the answer. Our amazing white fillings restore and repair decayed teeth with minimal impact on the aesthetic of the tooth, so you don’t have to worry about showing off black marks on your smile when you go for interviews, organise a hot date or pose for the camera. We fit new fillings, as well as replacement fillings and we will be happy to remove your old mercury amalgam fillings and replace them with natural looking invisible fillings.

About white fillings

White fillings are made from dental composite and resins, which are designed to match the tooth shade to create a seamless aesthetic; the aim of treatment is to fill the cavity, while also preserving the beauty of the smile. We create white fillings by hand, using skill and creative flair; your dentist will select the shade of composite, which is closest to your tooth shade and they will then layer the composite to fill the cavity. Before treatment, the cavity will be cleared and cleaned to remove any decayed tissue and bonding agent will be applied to the tooth structure. The composite is then layered until it fills the hole perfectly. Your dentist will then set the composite to make it firm; this simply involves shining a powerful light onto the material and it only takes a minute.

The benefits of white fillings

The most obvious benefit of a white filling is its aesthetic appeal; unlike metal fillings, white fillings cannot be seen when you smile. White fillings are also strong and durable and they are safer than mercury fillings; although mercury is still approved for use in the UK, there are some concerns about the impact of using mercury and it has been banned in some countries.

If you need a filling or you are looking to replace old metal fillings with beautiful new natural-looking restorations, call today and book an appointment.



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