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How Are Our Makkar Mouth Guards Different To Others In The City Of London?


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If you play contact sport or you participate in martial arts or any sporting activity, which carries a risk of dental injury, we strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard. We are proud to offer our clients one of the world’s leading mouth guards, the Pure Power Mouth Guard. This innovative gum shield goes above and beyond the average mouth guard to provide you with a host of additional benefits, including improved performance on the field.

What is the Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard by Makkar is one of the best examples of how far sports science has come. This mouth guard is not just there to protect the teeth from fast flying balls or hard surfaces, it also helps to improve sporting performance by adjusting the position of the jaw joint. This gum shield is specially designed to change the position of the jaw to its optimum place in order to reduce strain on the facial muscles and facilitate muscle contraction.

With decreased pressure on the muscles around the jaw, there is also a lower risk of neck, shoulder and back pain.

Studies have shown that wearing this mouth guard can have a major bearing on performance, as participants are able to give the match, game or fight their full attention, rather than worrying about muscular aches and pains.

Who can benefit from the PPM?

Anyone who plays sport with a risk of dental injury can benefit from the PPM. This gum shield is designed based on very detailed and specific measurements, so it is really comfortable and it provides amazing levels of protection. For elite sports payers, it can make the difference between a good performance and a brilliant performance. We strongly recommend this appliance for anyone who competes or plays any of these sports: boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, rugby union and league, hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse.


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