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There are a number of those out there who perform at the highest level in sport possible. Whether this is adrenaline junkie events to even long distance running, the power of sport and the healthy impact it has on our bodies can never be underestimated, as long as it is done in the right quantities. However, there are some occasions when the sporting events which we involve ourselves in are not always too kind to our bodies. Torn ligaments, broken bones and fractured fingers are examples of some but what about our teeth?

Bringing you the Pure Power Mouth Guard, the Harley Street Dental Studio are very proud to announce their innovative range of dental products which are designed to help improve the overall muscle qualities as it works to the strengths of the individual’s mouth.

But what makes this different than traditional mouth guards which seem to have been in general use since even the days of Cassius Clay? The Pure Power Mouth Guard uses specialised computer technology to scan the individual’s mouth so that when it is in place in the mouth it moves the jaw joint so that the patient gets the best performance out of their product.

When any person is involved in physical exercise, the stress put on the jaw muscles increases which, if not treated, could lead to temporary or even permanent damage. Wearing a traditional mouth guard does not automatically mean that the teeth is protected whereas with a Pure Power Mouth Guard each individual is taken into consideration due to state-of-the-art technology.

Pure Power Mouth Guard is aimed at those for players in all sports, in particular contact sports such as American Football, Rugby and Ice Hockey. Any form of protection which helps you keep that straight smile is bound to be welcomed by the many thousands who enjoy participating in these sports.

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