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For many of our patients, time is of the essence and if you’re looking for straight teeth in record time, we highly recommend Orthopulse.

What is Orthopulse?

Orthopulse is an innovative home treatment, which accelerates the movement of the teeth and subsequently reduces treatment time. This device involves just 10 minutes of treatment, which takes place at home, each day and it can have an amazing impact on the speed of your treatment.

Orthopulse uses low level infra-red lighting to stimulate the bone tissue surrounding the teeth and increase the speed of tooth movement. The infra-red lights facilitates better metabolism in the cells, which helps to regenerate and heal tissue and reduce inflammation. Aiming the light at the bone structure beneath the teeth enables the tissue to adjust to the new shape of the tooth root, as the teeth move into the desired position.

Treatment is painless and the device is really easy to use; you can wear it anywhere you like and enjoy incredible results while kicking back on the sofa watching TV, listening to music or reading a book in bed.

Is Orthopulse safe?

Orthopulse has been developed based on over 60 years of scientific research and it is regarded as a safe and highly effective means of increasing the speed of orthodontic treatment.

Orthopulse treatment at Harley Street Dental Studio

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos is an Orthopulse evaluator, so you can rest assured that you are in expert hands. If you would like to find out more about Orthopulse and see if it could work for you, why not call us and arrange a consultation with Dr Marinopoulos?


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