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How do you feel when you look in the mirror or see photographs of yourself? Are you happy with your smile, or do you wish you had a perfect set of pearly whites? It’s very rare to be blessed with a perfect smile, but at Harley Street Dental Studio, we employ a range of treatments and techniques to banish flaws and ensure you feel confident whenever your smile is on show. One common problem we deal with is a gummy smile. If you have a gummy smile, we have just the solution for you!

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a term used to describe the appearance of the smile when the gums overlap the tooth tissue. If you have a gummy smile, there may be a large portion of gum tissue visible when you smile, and your teeth may look small and short. Although a gummy smile doesn’t impact your oral or general health in any way, some people lack confidence in their appearance. If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, you don’t have to hide it away. With gum re-sculpting, we can create a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Gum re-sculpting, also known as gum reshaping or contouring is a technique, which is used to alter the shape of the gums to create a more balanced and attractive aesthetic. By trimming away tiny pieces of the gum tissue, your dentist can unveil more of the tooth tissue, making the teeth look slightly longer and larger.

Gum re-sculpting is a painless, hassle-free procedure, which can have an incredible impact on your confidence, as well as the overall aesthetic of your smile.

If you long for a beautiful smile, we can help! Call us today or pop in and see us to find out more.


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