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Gum Disease: Learning the Facts


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Any person canΒ be affected by gum disease at some point in their lives and not even realize it. Gum disease may be caused by genetics, improper oral hygiene, smoking, oral trauma, poor diet, medications, hormone imbalance, and illness. Certain groups of people are at higher risk of getting gum disease.

Importance of oral screening

Oral screening helps to identify if gum disease is present, the type of gum disease, severity and treatment options. Not having dental treatment when it is needed may lead to gum disease. Oral examinations screen for early onset of gum disease. The sooner a gum disease is diagnosed, the quicker it may be treated before infection spreads through the body and bone loss occurs.

Types of gum disease and treatment

Each type of gum disease may require different treatment depending on diagnosis and severity.

Gingivitis – Gingivitis is gum tissue inflammation and the start of gum disease that may lead to periodontitis. Red, swollen and bleeding gums are a symptom. Dentists may provide an antibiotic or antibacterial mouth cleanser to eliminate the inflammation and to prevent infection onset.

Periodontitis – When the gum tissue becomes infected by bacteria, the infection may spread from the gums to the tooth roots, damaging the periodontal ligament that binds the tooth through the gum tissue to the jaw bone. Gum inflammation, toothache, abscess, pus, receding gum line and bad breath are symptoms. With chronic periodontitis, bone loss starts to occur with enlarged pockets as the periodontal ligament disintegrates.

A periodontist assesses severity and recommends treatment accordingly. Root canal treatment may suffice with gum and tooth restoration, or a tooth may need extraction to prevent spread of infection. Antibiotics may be needed with or without surgical and regenerative treatments. For more information on gum disease please contact Harley StreetΒ Dental Studio in the heart of London today.


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