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Got A Big Event Coming Up? Why Not Try One Of Our Teeth Whitening Treatments In Central London?


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Are you gearing up for a wedding or preparing for a landmark birthday? Are you already planning ahead for festive parties or a New Year’s Eve party to kick 2015 off in style? If so, why not ensure you look camera-ready with a beautiful white smile?

With our whitening treatments, we can create stunning bright smiles in time to make sure you look and feel incredible for your special occasion.

Home whitening

We provide premium home whitening treatment, which enables you to achieve a glowing, glossy smile without even leaving the house. With home whitening, we provide you with custom-made whitening trays, which contain whitening agent, which you simply wear at home. Many of our patients wear their trays at night, so that treatment doesn’t interfere with normal daily life; as the trays are custom-made they will fit you perfectly, so you’ll be able to sleep without any discomfort. The usual treatment duration is 14 days and at the end, you’ll have a lovely, radiant smile.

Enlighten whitening

Enlighten is a professional whitening system, which guarantees amazing results. In just 15 days, even the most unsightly, discoloured teeth will look white and bright. The world’s leading whitening system, Enlighten is the only treatment that achieves shade B1 as standard.

Enlighten treatment involves two separate stages: the first stage of treatment takes place at home and involves wearing a bespoke whitening tray for 14 days. The second stage takes place at the clinic and involves a one hour in-chair treatment; this treatment gives the teeth a stunning glow, which will last for many years. Treatment is quick and there’s no pain to worry about; you simply lie back, we apply the whitening agent and then shine a light on your teeth to activate it. An hour later, your new smile will be ready!



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