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Give the Gift of a Beautiful Smile This Christmas


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If you’ve been there and bought the proverbial t-shirt when it comes to Christmas gifts, why not try a change of tack for 2018? If you don’t want to buy the same old gifts again and again, and you really want to treat a special someone, what could be better than buying a beautiful new smile?

Give the gift of a sensational smile

Many of us consider our smiles our most important feature, but not everyone is entirely happy with the look of their teeth. If you have discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth, this can affect your confidence and you may feel that you need to hide your smile away. If this scenario sounds familiar to you because you have a friend, a partner or a family member who disappears as soon as the camera comes out, have you thought about giving them a gift they will love forever this Christmas and treating them to a new smile? We have a wonderful array of treatments available to suit all budgets. Some popular options include:

Tooth whitening: tooth whitening is a simple, painless, effective means of adding sparkle to that smile, and it’s guaranteed to make that special someone feel incredible! Whitening works by bleaching the enamel to produce a whiter, brighter smile.

Cosmetic braces: if you have a relative who is conscious about their wonky teeth or your partner hates showing off their smile because they have crowded or protruding teeth, cosmetic braces could be just the gift they’ve been longing for. We have some amazing options available, including invisible braces, lingual braces and fast-acting aligners that work in a matter of weeks.

Aesthetic bonding: aesthetic bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding, is an effective, straightforward solution for chipped, worn and misshapen teeth and problems like gaps between the teeth. This is a procedure, which involves using a material called dental composite to reshape and repair the teeth to create a healthier-looking, more beautiful smile. Treatment only takes around an hour, and there’s absolutely no pain involved.

If you’d like to treat somebody you love to something incredibly special this Christmas, why not give the gift of a stunning smile? Call us today to find out more about our fabulous festive treats.


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