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Have you ever dreamed of showing off a dazzling white smile or lusted after a celebrity smile whilst flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine? If this is the case, we have some amazing treatments on offer, which will guarantee you an A-list worthy smile.

A bright, white smile has long been associated with good health and beauty and if you’re a fan of red carpet events or fashion magazines, you will have noticed that a radiant set of pearly whites is a must-have accessory. We offer premium whitening products and the amazing Enlighten system to produce beautiful white smiles and we are always happy to discuss treatment options with clients and explain how the different treatments work and what kind of results they can expect after treatment.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is widely regarded as the world’s number one whitening treatment. It guarantees amazing results every time and the treatment process is very simple and completely painless.

Enlighten combines the best aspects of at-home and in-chair treatments. You wear a custom-made tray for 14 days (most people wear theirs during the night) and then come into the practice for a one-hour power whitening session.

Enlighten lightens the teeth by at least ten shades, giving you a beautiful, bright smile, while maintaining a natural look. We believe that Enlighten offers the best of both worlds and we have used this system to create hundreds of amazing smiles.

Whitening products

There are hundreds of products out there and it can be really difficult to know which to buy, which ones work and which ones are a waste of money. At Harley Street Dental Studio in central London, we are happy to recommend products that are tried and tested and we stock a range of carefully selected products to give you a great looking smile.




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