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With dental implants, we can give patients in London and beyond the natural, beautiful smile they deserve. If you have missing teeth or a single missing tooth, implants can transform your smile and your confidence.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are an exciting and innovative revelation in the world of modern dentistry. These small titanium screw-like prostheses are designed to replace the root section of a missing tooth and they sit inside the jaw bone like a natural root. Once an implant has undergone the process of osseointegration, where it integrates in the jaw bone tissue, it can be attached to a range of restorations and this part of the process replaces the visible part of the tooth, the crown. Once the restoration, which may be a dental bridge, denture or crown, is placed, the tooth look exactly like a natural tooth and you’ll never be able to tell the difference.

Implants offer an array of benefits and they are built to last for many years, making them a long-term alternative to dentures and bridges.

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implants are a treatment, which has benefits for patients of all ages with varying dental needs. As implants are compatible with dentures, bridges and crowns, they can be used to treat many different cases, from a young sports star who has lost a tooth through injury, to an older patient who has an entire arch of missing teeth. Implants offer a long-term solution and they are very easy to care for; they also offer amazing levels of stability and security and enable you to speak, smile and eat with minimal hassle and the utmost confidence.

With implants, your smile will look completely natural and you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment process for implants involves consultation and planning, fitting the implants and then attaching the restoration. The entire process stakes around 3-8 months. Once your treatment has been planned, the implants are fitted in a procedure, which involves surgically placing the implants into openings in the jaw bone, which are created using a drill. Once the implants are secured in the bone, they will be left to heal. Once the healing process is complete, the head of the implant can then be attached to the new restoration.





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