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Lumineers from Harley Street dentists create perfect smiles

Incredible Lumineers allow you to smile with confidence and can stop you worrying about dull coloured teeth or gaps in your smile.  You shouldn’t have to put up with being ashamed of your teeth, contact your Bishopsgate London dentist to find out how Lumineers can solve all off your smile issues with their incredible aesthetic appeal.

Veneers have long been a solution for those who want to improve their smile.  The advances made by Lumineers mean that they can last for more than two decades, as they are made out of special cerinate porcelain that is extremely durable.  Not only is it durable, it is also extremely discreet and Lumineers have been dubbed ‘contact lenses for the teeth’.

The wafer thin consistency of Lumineers means that your teeth barely need to be prepared for treatment.  Normally, a quantity of your existing tooth would have to be removed, but dentists using Lumineers might not need to remove any of the tooth.  The advantage of having the tooth still intact is that you don’t have to undergo the invasive procedure of having some of your tooth shaved off and you can reverse the process if you change your mind at a later date.

Lumineers can be fitted over crown or bridge work that already exists in your mouth and can successfully cover teeth that are stained, crooked or misaligned.


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