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While it can be astounding to think on how much of a difference modern medicine can make to us, both medically and cosmetically, not everyone can afford to have the amazing and often expensive procedures available to make this happen. For that reason, getting the beautiful Hollywood smile you desire is one of the many things a lot of us want but cannot afford.

This point was realised by one Dr Marc Liechtung, an American dentist working at the prestigious Manhattan Dental Arts dental surgery. It was during his time there that he became aware of the problem, many people face, in that they suffer from a smile that ruins their confidence but are unable to do anything about it.

How does Snap on Smile work?

Snap on Smile is an easy way to instantly gain perfect teeth. The device is created to easily slip over your natural teeth, giving the illusion of flawless whites. The material the device is made from is a thin resin material, which means it can be exceptionally thin while retaining its toughness. This thinness also makes them very easy to use for the wearer, as well as being almost impossible to notice unless pointed out for the benefit of observers.

Because of the thinness of the device, they can be worn while eating and drinking, which make them perfect for an instant smile makeover needed for a fast approaching wedding or interview. They are also said to not affect speech because of their comfort within the mouth, although it is advised to wear the device for a day or two before your big event so as to get used to them.

Snap on Smile is also remarkably durable. With correct care they can last much longer than most people would think; their inventor Dr Marc Liechtung estimates they could last 1 to 3 years, and he should know as he has been using them since he invented them!

Other great options

There are a range of orthodontic treatments that are innovative and gentle in their manner of straightening a smile, and it is often advised to keep your natural teeth. There is also the option of porcelain veneers, which can also offer immediate results.



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