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Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Our Anti-Snoring Treatment In The Heart Of London


How can we help?

If snoring is stopping you and your loved ones enjoying a good night’s sleep, we may be able to restore silent nights this Christmas.

Why do I snore?

Snoring is often associated with lifestyle factors, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, being overweight and sleeping position; many people find that they snore when they lie on their back. Illnesses, such as coughs and colds, can also cause snoring and allergies increase the risk of snoring.

Snoring is usually nothing to worry about and it’s normal to snore from time to time; however, if you snore on a regular basis and it’s starting to take its toll on your energy levels, your relationship and your concentration, it may be time to find out about anti-snoring treatments.

Our anti-snoring treatments

We offer easy-to-use anti-snoring oral devices, which help to increase air flow while you sleep, reducing the risk of snoring. There are two types of device recommended by experts and these include:

  • mandibular repositioning devices: these devices help to keep the airway open by moving the lower jaw forward slightly; these are the most commonly used type of oral device for snoring
  • tongue retaining devices: these devices help to keep the airway open while you sleep by holding the tongue in place

We can also offer advice about lifestyle changes, which may be beneficial for preventing snoring, such as giving up smoking.

If snoring is getting you down, you feel tired during the day or you’re tired of apologising to everyone for keeping them up at night, call us now and make an appointment!







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