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Get A Beautiful Smile Quickly With CFast Braces In The City Of London


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For those hoping to enjoy a beautiful smile in record time, CFast is an amazing option. This discreet fixed brace treatment focuses on the social 6, the front teeth, to ensure that you look and feel amazing when you smile.

What is CFast and how does it work?

CFast is a clear fixed brace treatment, which focuses on the social 6, which includes the six front teeth on the top and bottom arches. By zoning in on these teeth, the aesthetic results are second to none and patients who have mild issues do not have to undergo more complex treatment than they need.

CFast braces are made from nickel titanium wires and custom-made brackets; these components generate gentle forces, which exert pressure on the teeth, causing them to move.

Who can benefit from CFast treatment?

CFast treatment has benefits for most patients and even if you have complex needs, this treatment offers advantages and will make a difference, although there may be other options, which may be more suitable. The ideal candidate for CFast treatment is a patient with mild or moderate issues affecting the teeth included in the social 6 who is also looking to benefit from amazingly discreet aesthetics, minimum fuss and speed.

How long does treatment take?

One of the best things about CFast is the speed of treatment. The average treatment time is just 6 months, so your braces will be off and you’ll have an amazing new smile before you know it!

What are the benefits?

CFast is a quick, affordable, convenient and comfortable treatment, which also offers a more discreet alternative to traditional fixed braces. Treatment times are short, the price of treatment is favourable compared with most other systems and the braces are barely noticeable. To find out more about CFast could help you to achieve the perfect smile, call us today!



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