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What treatments are available to you essentially depend on the size of the gaps between your teeth.

Composite bonding

If the gap is quite small, then it can quite easily be filled with composite bonding material. The main drawback to this approach is that the material is not very resilient and will require regular top-ups if you want the gap to remain closed. The material is also prone to staining, but composite bonding does offer a minimally invasive approach to closing small gaps.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are essentially thin shells of tooth coloured material which are bonded to the visible portions of one’s teeth. Veneers are often used to cover stained or damaged teeth, but can also be used to cover gaps in between teeth – they are especially popular for gaps between front teeth.

Treatment with braces

This is perhaps the most traditional way to deal with gaps between teeth. There are many types of braces available, all with their advantages and disadvantages, but they all operate under the same basic principle: They attempt to close the gap in your teeth through the application of pressure, encouraging your teeth to move closer together. Which brace is most appropriate for you will depend on the size of your gap and your own feelings towards braces. Numerous invisible braces are available for those of you who do not like the appearance of conventional braces. Unfortunately, certain braces are often best suited to certain conditions and may not always be applicable. The main drawback of any form of braces treatment is the length of time it takes; brace treatment can sometimes take several years, whereas veneers and cosmetic bonding are incredibly speedy in comparison!

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This is not a complete list of the treatments available. If want to close gaps in your teeth, then contact us at Harley Street Dental Studio in London and we’ll talk you through what we offer.



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