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Here is where we get to show you some of the magic we have performed. Our team of cosmetic and specialist dentists have either individually or collaboratively combined to give our patients beautiful new smiles, using all their skill and experience and utilising craftsmanship of our Master ceramic technicians. Click on the treatments below to see specific 'before and after' pictures and testimonials. Each dentist involved in the smile makeovers is credited.

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The case shown above was carried out by Dr Richard Field

Imogen was unhappy with the size of her teeth and spaces between them. Treatment was carried out by Dr Richard Field using composite bonding to make the teeth slightly larger in order to eliminate the gaps.

The case shown above was carried out by Dr Mark Hughes

Nigora wished to have a significant enhancement to her smile but had a very rushed deadline. Dr Hughes was able to transform her smile with Direct Composite Bonding done in only 1 visit. She was delighted with her results and everything was completed in time for her photoshoot!

The case shown above was carried out by Dr Mark Hughes

To all the team at Harley Street Dental Studio, Thank you sooooooo much for the most wonderful service that i have received over the past couple of years! I can't believe you managed to make even things like a 5hr session, involving numerous fillings being redone and all 4 wisdom teeth being pulled out, a pleasant experience! As promised, if a little late, I have attached some photos of my wedding in June..... It was the most manic day ever, and i just couldn't stop a huge thank you for my straighter, whiter teeth!! And thank you ALL so much again, for making such a difference! Eilidh Rouxel-Fabre

The case shown above was carried out by Dr Adam Thorne

Adam had bonding only to close the spaces. This needed no anaesthetic and was complete in one visit.


All of our highly qualified and expert cosmetic dentists and master technicians, invest in their work the utmost artistry, care and pride. Our commitment to life-long training and our dedication to excellence is expressed in the beauty of the results. Contact us today to arrange your consultation and take the first steps towards a beautiful new smile.


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