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Four Ways a Dentist Can Help You Have a Peaceful Night’s Sleep


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Is snoring causing problems for your sleep patterns? Do you live with a snorer or is snoring causing arguments in your household? Are you sharing a room with somebody who grinds their teeth on a nightly basis? Are headaches keeping you up? If sleepless nights have become the norm, we’re here to help. Here are 4 ways we can help to restore peace:

  1. Lifestyle advice: snoring is often linked to lifestyle factors, including smoking and being overweight. If you think that changing your lifestyle may benefit your health and prevent soring, we’re here to support you, advise you and cheer you on. We can provide you with information about making healthy choices and we also offer a service to help you stop smoking.
  2. Anti-snoring devices: if snoring is a persistent problem, we may recommend anti-snoring devices. These appliances are designed to open up the airways, making it easier for you to breathe. We can do this by providing you with a mandibular advancement device or a tongue retaining device. A mandibular advancement device pushes the lower jaw forward slightly to open the airway, while the tongue retainer holds the tongue in a place that facilitates the opening of the airway.
  3. Battling bruxism: if you can’t sleep because your partner is grinding their teeth, your dentist can help by providing them with a bite guard. This is an appliance similar to a mouth guard and it helps to prevent the teeth clashing while you sleep.
  4. Treating headaches: if you’ve got a headache, this can make it difficult to nod off. If you get headaches on a regular basis, your dentist may be able to help. It may be that your aches and pains are related to bruxism, or tooth grinding. To stop this, they can issue you with a bite guard.

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