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Four Reasons To Cut Back on Prosecco and Help Your Smile


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If you’re a regular reader of the broadsheets or you read articles online, you may have come across warnings of a Prosecco smile. Dentists are worried that our growing appreciation for this bubbly nectar is contributing to increased rates of decay. Here are 4 reasons to cut back and protect your smile:

  1. Prosecco is acidic: anything acidic spells trouble for your teeth because acids weaken and wear away the protective enamel surface, increasing the risk of cavities forming.
  2. Prosecco contains sugar: you may think that Prosecco is a healthy choice when it comes to alcoholic drinks, but it actually contains a fair amount of sugar. A small glass contains around 1g of sugar and 80 calories, which doesn’t seem a huge amount, but if you have a few glasses, this soon adds up.
  3. Prosecco can stain your teeth: it’s well-documented that red wine stains your teeth but you may be surprised to hear that white wines and Prosecco also contain agents that discolour the teeth.
  4. Prosecco can cause sensitivity: have you noticed that your teeth have become more sensitive since you started drinking more Prosecco over the summer? The acidity of Prosecco can wear away the tooth enamel, exposing the dentine. The dentine portion of the tooth contains the nerves and when it is exposed, you feel pain. Most people experience heightened pain when they drink very hot or cold drinks.

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