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Foods Patients in Central London should Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay and Acid Erosion


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Smelly breath is the most obvious sign of a bad diet in terms of dental hygiene. However, there are a number of more long-term, serious problems that stem from eating food that is bad for your teeth, including tooth decay and gum disease for patients in Central London.

Good food, bad food

Foods that contain a high concentration of sugar (such as cakes, bread and ice cream), drinks with a high level of acidity (which is denoted by a low pH value) and sticky foods are the main culprits of these problems. On the other hand, eating fruit and vegetables, which are both high in fibre and water content, is good for your oral health.

How does food cause dental problems?

Sugary foods cause more plaque than other types, and sticky foods remain on the teeth for a prolonged amount of time. Both of these things result in a greater chance of tooth decay. Furthermore, consistent snacking throughout the day can damage the teeth, as the acid present in fizzy drinks and snacks clings to the teeth for longer, resulting in erosion of the teeth.

Avoiding diet-related dental problems

Rather than snacking between meals, consume any sweet or sugary food alongside your meals. Because saliva neutralises acidity in food, the risk of tooth decay or acid erosion is lessened because of the increased saliva production at mealtimes. This guideline extends to consuming sugary drinks between meals and drinking water or milk instead is not only preferable, but the calcium in them actually strengthens teeth.

If you’ve ever wondered why people finish a meal with cheese rather than cake, it could be something to do with the ability of yellow cheese to neutralise acids in food, thereby reducing the risk of acid erosion. So don’t just worry about your breath when you opt for ice cream over the cheeseboard.


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