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Foods For Good Oral Health For Patients In London


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You may think that when it comes to your oral health that brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are the best things you can do to ensure your smile looks perfect and everything inside your mouth is ship, shape and shiny.

And yes these are the best things you can do to ensure good oral health, but there are those extra little things you can do just to make sure your oral hygiene is on top form. This can be achieved through certain foods you eat, and as we all know food products such as sugary sweets can be very bad for your oral heath and we hear about this all the time, but we don’t always hear about the food that can help improve your oral health. So hear are some foods that aren’t just nice, but can have a great effect on your oral health.

The benefits of crunchy fruit

Instead of snacking on sweets and crisps why not snack on foods like celery, carrots and apples? These are great for your oral health as crunchy fruit and vegetables can increase the flow of saliva in your mouth, which can cleanse it and give you that fresh mouth feeling. But don’t eat too much fruit that is high in acid as it can damage your tooth enamel.

Dairy products

Some diary products are excellent for your teeth, cheese and milk can be very useful as the sugar found within them won’t contribute to tooth decay and they can help reduce the acid found within your mouth.


Cashew nuts are also great; this is because the nutshell oil has microbe-fighting properties against tooth decay causing bacteria. Not only that but they can also help keep your teeth and skin clean, as the oil can also fight one of the bacteria’s that causes acne.

So there we have it some food that will make you feel and look good on the inside and out.For more information on what to eat and what to avoid contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London.



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