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Five Ways to Overcome That Shy Smile This Winter


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Do you get shy when there’s a camera around, or do you try and avoid showing off your teeth when you meet new people? If you’re not confident about your smile, we’re here to help. Here are 5 ways to overcome that shy smile this winter:

  1. Dental hygiene services: if your teeth are a little dull or discoloured, we recommend seeing a dental hygienist for an intensive cleaning treatment. Our expert hygienists can remove surface stains and give your teeth a good polish to make them glisten and glow.
  2. Cosmetic bonding: if you have chipped, worn, or misshapen teeth, we have a brilliant solution. Cosmetic bonding is a single-session treatment, which can have an amazing impact on the look of your smile. Bonding involves using dental composite to repair and reshape the teeth for a perfect aesthetic. It takes just one hour, and there’s no pain involved.
  3. Tooth whitening: if you fancy adding a little extra sparkle to your smile this winter, we recommend tooth whitening. This simple, non-invasive treatment can make a huge difference to the look of the smile and make you feel a lot more confident.
  4. Gum reshaping: are you conscious of bearing your pearly whites because you have a gummy smile? If so, we have a treatment that is ideal for you. Gum reshaping, or contouring, is a procedure used to trim away tiny pieces of the gum tissue to create a more balanced smile. We use the latest techniques to minimise discomfort and produce brilliant results.
  5. Cosmetic braces: many people who have crooked or crowded teeth or problems like an underbite are conscious of the appearance of their smile. If you’re struggling with orthodontic issues, we have some excellent treatments available, including the latest invisible aligners and fixed braces.

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