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Five Tips to Healthier Teeth This Autumn


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After a summer to remember, autumn is upon us. If you’ve decided to kick-start the new season with a fresh attitude to health and wellbeing, here are 5 top tips to look after your teeth:

  1. Work on your brushing technique: if you don’t spend 2 minutes every morning and evening brushing your teeth, it’s time to make a change. Brushing is an effective way to remove bacteria and food debris from your mouth. This helps to lower the risk of plaque formation and keep gum disease and dental decay at bay. When you’re brushing, angle the head to cover the gum line, and be gentle.
  2. Floss: if you don’t already floss, take the advice of Baz Luhrmann (and our dental team) and spend a minute each day cleaning the cracks between your teeth using dental tape. Flossing cleans areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, improving your overall oral health and lowering the risk of dental disease.
  3. See your dentist: if you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-9 months, now is the time to book an appointment. Check-ups take just a few minutes and they can reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities dramatically.
  4. Cut down on sugar: do you know how much sugar you consume on an average day? Research suggests that many of us exceed the recommended daily intake without even knowing it. Opt for water or sugar-free cordial, don’t put sugar in your tea and coffee, and go for desserts like fruit and natural yoghurt if you have a sweet tooth and you find that you eat too much sugar on a regular basis.
  5. Stop snacking! Did you know that when you eat, bacteria in your mouth produce acids, which attack the enamel? If you’re snacking and grazing during the day, this means that your teeth are under constant attack. Instead of eating constantly, stick to three larger meals.

If you need any more advice or tips about maintaining a healthy smile, our friendly dentists and dental hygienists will be happy to help!


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