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Five Tips To A Brighter Smile This Christmas


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If you long for a beaming, bright smile this Christmas, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 simple tips to make your smile shine:

  1. Get brushing: many of us throw rules out of the window when Christmas comes, but we strongly recommend that you stick to your daily oral hygiene routine. Brushing is so important because it removes bacteria and bits of food from the mouth before they combine with saliva to form plaque. Spend 2 minutes every morning and evening cleaning your teeth using fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Floss: brushing is brilliant, but it can’t clean the entire mouth, and this is why flossing is so beneficial. Flossing is designed to cover the cracks and pits that can’t be reached with a toothbrush. Floss daily to remove food debris and bacteria from the gum line and the spaces between the teeth. You can also use inter-dental brushes.
  3. Avoid staining agents: unfortunately, some of the most popular seasonal drinks contain staining agents, so you may find that your festive tipple can dull your smile’s sparkle. Try and avoid red and white wine, mulled wine, coffee and cola to prevent discolouration. Using a straw can help to prevent staining and sensitivity.
  4. Steer clear of sugar: sugar is one of the most common causes of dental decay. We all like to have a treat or two during the festive period, but try not to spend all day every day eating chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets. It’s particularly beneficial to avoid snacking, as this can cause serious damage to your enamel.
  5. Book a dental hygiene appointment: even if you’re a brilliant brusher, it’s impossible to achieve as deep a clean as a hygienist can provide. Hygienists have powerful cleaning treatments at their disposal, which can blitz plaque and give your smile a gorgeous healthy glow.



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