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Five Foods to Steer Clear of For Healthy Teeth


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For most of us, healthy eating is about staying trim and ensuring our bodies get all the goodness they need, but have you ever stopped to think about the impact your diet has on your teeth? Diet is so important when it comes to oral health. If you’re keen to keep your smile in tiptop condition, here are five foods to avoid:

  1. Sweets: many of us can’t resist a bag of sweets, but try and make sure you only have sweets as a treat from time to time. Sweets are made almost entirely from sugar, and they can also get stuck in your teeth, which increases the risk of plaque formation. It’s particularly important not to eat sweets between meals.
  2. Chocolate: there are a lot of chocoholics out there, and there’s no disputing that chocolate is delicious. The trouble is that chocolate contains a lot of sugar. If you are treating yourself, just have a single bar or a few squares, and make sure you rinse your mouth with water afterwards.
  3. Popcorn: popcorn has become a very popular snack. Although it is often marketed as a healthy alternative to crisps, popcorn can actually be very harmful for your teeth. The fleshy part can get stuck in your teeth and starch is broken down into sugars, and the kernels can damage your teeth, resulting in chips and fractures.
  4. Crisps: crisps are a savoury snack, but they are a starchy food and the body breaks starch down into sugars.
  5. Fizzy drinks: if you’re a fan of fizzy drinks, you may find yourself at risk of sensitivity, decay and staining. Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar and even the diet versions can spell bad news for your teeth. These drinks are acidic, and they usually contain staining agents. If you do fancy a drink, make sure you have it with a main meal, use a straw and always rinse your mouth out with water afterwards.

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