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When opting for veneers, considering the hype created by celebrities many people presume that porcelain veneers are the best aesthetic choice.  But many cosmetic dentists are offering not just traditional but MAC veneers – made from pressed ceramic, these veneers offer superior quality; both aesthetically and functionally.

Why use MAC veneers

MAC veneers, if you are willing to pay a large amount, come highly recommended with many a cosmetic dentist.  Created by MicroDental, they are produced by one of the company’s sectors, Micro Advanced Cosmetic Division – resulting in the name of MAC veneers.

How they work

After meeting your dentist for a consultation, they will take an imprint of your teeth and present it through the medium of a wax model.  Along with this impression, the dentist will also use digital imaging to give you an idea of how your teeth will look after the treatment.  Sent to MicroDental’s Micro Advanced Cosmetic Division, it is there where the final version of the patient’s veneers will be produced and sent back for the patient to wear.

Comparing the difference

Stronger and thicker, MAC veneers compared to traditional veneers fit more securely and tightly over the teeth.  Due to their sturdier nature, they are a lot more long-lasting and therefore harder to knock out of place or fall off by accident.  The quality of the veneers means that they are able to hide discolouration and stains a lot easier than standard veneers, as well as dental imperfections such as fractured or chipped teeth.  So if longevity and quality are paramount to your teeth’s lifestyle, then MAC veneers are the recommendation your dentist will offer to you.

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