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If you’re looking for a speedy orthodontic treatment in the heart of London, look no further than CFast, a treatment, which has attracted a large celebrity following, due to the short treatment times and the aesthetic appeal of the brace.

What is CFast?

CFast is a clear fixed brace system, which focuses on the social 6, the teeth at the front of your mouth, which can be seen when you smile. CFast is an ideal option for patients looking for an effective, convenient and hassle-free treatment; the braces are almost completely invisible and they use the latest technology to increase comfort and prevent any pain.

What do CFast braces look like?

CFast braces look like traditional fixed braces, but they are much smaller and more delicate and the brackets are made from tooth-coloured material, which makes them much less conspicuous than train-track braces. The wires are made from nickel-titanium and they are transparent.

How long does treatment take?

One of the best things about CFast is that it works really quickly; most cases are complete within 6 months, so your treatment will be over before you know it and you can enjoy showing off your brand new smile.

Who can benefit from CFast?

CFast is suitable for patients who have mild crowing affecting the front teeth, slightly crooked front teeth and minor gapping in the front teeth; it is an excellent choice for patients who have thought about treatment in the past but been put off having treatment because they didn’t want to wear bulky braces for a long period of time.

CFast is a very simple system and this means that it is much more affordable than many other types of treatment.



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