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Fantastic Fillings That Nobody Can See


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Fillings are a commonly used restorative treatment designed to prevent the spread of decay through the tooth and fill troublesome cavities. In the past, fillings were made from highly visible metals, but today, we can offer incredible invisible fillings. With our invisible fillings, we can restore and repair your teeth without any impact on the aesthetic of your smile.

What are invisible fillings made from and how could they benefit me?

Invisible filings are made from dental composite and resins that match the shade of your natural tooth perfectly. The composite is moulded to fill the cavity and then set using a curing light. Our skilled dentists handcraft each filling to ensure a seamless aesthetic and optimum oral health benefits. Having a filling doesn’t hurt, as the tooth is numbed using local anaesthetic and the procedure can usually be completed within 30-60 minutes.

Invisible fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings. They are also safer and more environmentally friendly than mercury amalgam fillings.

Why would I need a filling?

Fillings are predominantly used to treat cavities (holes that form as a result of decay). Once the tooth enamel is penetrated, there is a risk of bacteria spreading through the tooth and this can cause pain and result in severe damage, an increased risk of gum disease and abscesses. Fillings help to nip decay in the bud and they also strengthen the tooth.

What other restorations are available?

We are also proud to offer beautifully crafted porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns. Our experienced ceramic technicians create stunningly natural looking restorations time after time.

We are happy to offer new fillings or replacement white filings for those who are eager to get rid of their unsightly metal fillings. Call us today to book your appointment.


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