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Everything You Need To Know About Lingual Braces In Central London


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We are delighted to offer lingual braces in the heart of London. These amazing braces are the ultimate solution if you’re searching for a treatment to straighten your teeth in secret. With lingual braces, nobody will ever know that you’re wearing braces, as they are hidden behind the back of your teeth. We are delighted to offer two of the world’s leading lingual brace treatments, Incognito and STb Social 6.

The ins and outs of lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces, which have a major difference to standard braces; they are attached to the back of the teeth, which makes them completely invisible when you speak or smile. With lingual braces, you really can have treatment without anyone else knowing. Lingual braces offer the same benefits as traditional fixed braces with the additional bonus that the braces are invisible.


Incognito is an amazing lingual brace system, which is suitable for anyone who is a good candidate for traditional braces, including those with minor, moderate and complex needs. Incognito braces are extremely high quality and each bracket is custom-made using materials, including gold. Treatment times with Incognito vary significantly because they are suitable for many patients; typically treatment takes between 6 and 18 months.

STb Social 6

STb Social 6 is an excellent alternative to traditional fixed braces for patients who only need minor correction. These braces are an ideal choice for those who want to make minor adjustments to the alignment of the teeth and they work extremely quickly. These braces, as the name suggests, focus on the social 6, the 6 top and bottom front teeth, to produce beautiful smiles in just 4-6 months. If you’d like to find out more about lingual braces, why not give us a call today?


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