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Enlighten Your Smile This Christmas with Teeth Whitening


How can we help?

Christmas is coming and what better time of year to treat your smile to a wonderful whitening treatment? With Enlighten, we can create the perfect sparkling white smile in just two weeks.

What is Enlighten and why is it so popular?

Enlighten is widely regarded as the best treatment out there and it delivers incredible results time after time. With Enlighten, we can lighten the shade of the teeth considerably, giving you a beautiful, natural looking smile.

Enlighten treatment involves two key stages: the first stage takes place at home and second stage involves a short trip to the clinic. At home, you simply wear Enlighten custom-made whitening trays for 2 weeks. These trays are made based on impressions of your teeth and contain bleaching agent. After 14 days of treatment, we invite you to pop in and see us for a whitening session that lasts just one hour. We’ll simply apply a higher strength Enlighten whitening agent to your teeth. Once we have finished, your smile will look brilliantly white.

The benefits of Enlighten

Day to day wear, diet, lifestyle factors and ageing can all take their toll on your tooth enamel and even the most diligent dental patients can experience discolouration. Whitening treatment enables us to lighten and brighten your teeth, making your smile look more attractive and youthful and enabling you to feel more confident.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Many people have concerns about teeth whitening and its safety and we can reassure our clients that they are in incredibly safe hands. Enlighten is a tried and tested treatment, which under our supervision, creates wonderful aesthetics. Teeth whitening is a dental service and as such, should only be offered by trained dentists.


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