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Enlighten Teeth Whitening Treatment For Patients In The City Of London


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The quality of our teeth and smiles form part of our first impressions. Perceptions are changed by the way we look. Our dental appearance contributes to perception-formation and how we are received by others. Teeth whitening popularity is driven by this fact and for this reason, people all over the world seek teeth whitening solutions.

Choices in teeth whitening

Nowadays there are so many choices in teeth whitening treatments. Options range from over-the-counter teeth whitening products to home teeth whitening kits, professional power teeth whitening and a combination of studio and home teeth whitening treatments. In considering the teeth whitening needs of our clients and patients, we at Harley Street Dental Studio in central London have assessed all the teeth whitening options available to provide the best in teeth whitening quality and results.

About Enlighten teeth whitening

We provide premium teeth whitening product options, such as Enlighten, for fast and effective teeth whitening treatment. The natural white appearance of our teeth is compromised daily by ageing and foods we consume such as teas, coffees and red wine. Smoking too, yellows teeth and alters the impact of our smiles.

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment returns teeth to their natural white shade within a couple of hours. Individuals experience a smile transformation that enhances self-esteem and life opportunities. Leaders in cosmetic teeth whitening since 2001, Enlighten is a proven teeth whitening solution that is safe to use and effective in delivering lasting teeth whitening outcomes.

Enlighten teeth whitening is formulated for studio and home use. To find out more about Enlighten and our teeth whitening treatments, get in touch with us. We will listen to you, explain teeth whitening and how products work, help you choose a teeth whitening solution that is right for you and fit treatment times to suit your needs.





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