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Having perfectly white teeth is something most people crave and there are a multitude of options out there to help improve the whiteness of your teeth. This ranges from teeth whitening gels and lasers to treatments like veneers and crowns. However, with Enlighten Teeth Whitening you are always guaranteed to get the whitest shade available on a dentist’s guide, with brilliant results that can last for several years.

Enlighten is a revolutionary new teeth whitening treatment that guarantees outstanding results for all patients, regardless of age, starting colour, lifestyle or dietary habits.

Enlighten achieves this level of whitening by using special trays made from impressions of the teeth, which are then coupled with a gel for a truly beautifully white smile.

The procedure for Enlighten Teeth Whitening is pretty simple and straightforward. First your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, which is used to make super seal trays, custom-made for your mouth, to provide an exceptional fit.

The patient must then wear the trays for four to eight hours per day for two weeks. The patient may experience some sensitivity during the first three to four nights of treatment, but this will soon subside. Enlighten teeth whitening has a very high success rate, with 95% of patients achieving the desired effect within the two week time period.

After the desired effect is achieved, it is important for the patient to top up the enlighten teeth whitening on occasion, depending on their diet and habits. This can easily be done from home, to help the patient achieved the original effect.

Ask your dentist about Enlighten and if it can help you achieve the best smile possible, without the pain or cost of other treatments.


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