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Wedding season is upon us, but have you thought about your wedding smile? If you’re getting married or you’re gearing up to be bridge or groom, best man, chief bridesmaid or mother of the bride, you’ve probably got lists of things to plan and sort, but have you thought about getting cosmetic dental treatment for the perfect wedding smile?

Your wedding day is the biggest and best day of your life and also the day when your smile will probably be out and about the most; if you’re unhappy with your smile or you’d feel better if your teeth were a bit whiter and brighter or straighter, now is the perfect time to see your dentist. At Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London we offer a host of cosmetic and general dental treatments, as well as oral hygiene services and we have years of experience in creating natural, radiant wedding smiles. We want you to feel amazing on your big day so that you can smile with confidence and show everyone just how happy you are!

Popular treatments for wedding smiles

We have helped many brides, grooms and family members to get a beautiful wedding smile over the years and we offer a range of treatments, which help to address cosmetic problems and improve the appearance of the smile. Our most popular wedding treatments include:

Tooth whitening: tooth whitening is an ideal option for brides and grooms because it is very quick and the results are visible immediately. Whitening gives the teeth a fresh, young and healthy look and it can make a huge difference to the overall look of your smile.

Cosmetic bonding: it is very common to have chipped and worn teeth, but you don’t need to worry about a chipped tooth ruining your wedding photos. Cosmetic bonding is a very effective treatment, which is designed to repair chipped and worn teeth, close spaces between the teeth and improve the shape of the teeth. Treatment is painless and it usually takes less than an hour; the changes are often very small, but hey have a major impact on your smile.

Braces: braces are used to straighten the teeth and improve the alignment of the teeth. There are lots of different options available and we recommend Invisalign Lite, Six Month Smiles and STb Light lingual braces for patients with minor orthodontic problems.





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