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Effective Tooth Replacement with Dental Bridges


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Dental bridges from Harley Street London dentists are durable solution to tooth loss

Gum disease, dental decay and even one off accidents can all cause you to lose one or more of your teeth.  This can be extremely painful and can compromise the smooth functioning of your mouth, making it more difficult to eat, drink and talk as easily as you used to be able to.  If you have experienced tooth loss you should contact your dentist as soon as possible  in order to discuss what your options are to replace them.

Dental bridges are a popular solution to replace lost teeth and there are three main varieties, basically involving a false tooth being attached to adjacent remaining teeth.  The traditional or fixed variety of dental bridgework means when a false tooth (known by dentists as a pontic) is attached to two crowns on either side.  If the rest of the mouth is healthy and you have only lost one tooth then this is good option as it is particularly stable.

Losing a tooth at the front of the mouth might require what is known as a Maryland- or resin-bonded bridge.  In this case, the aesthetics of the mouth is preserved by concealing the resin.  If your front teeth are particularly weak then a cantilever bridge might be used.  Cantilever bridges comprise a false tooth being fused on just one side to an adjacent tooth to ensure that too much pressure is not put on the mouth.

In all cases it might be deemed necessary for a little of the adjacent teeth to be removed so that the false tooth can adequately fit into the required position and you will wear temporary bridges while the permanent false tooth is constructed.

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If you need more information about how dental bridges can solve the problem of tooth loss and leave you with a functioning mouth and natural looking smile, you should contact your Harley Street Dental Studio dentist.


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