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Don’t Let Missing Teeth Affect Your Life And Eating Habits


How can we help?

Missing teeth can often lead to wearing dentures. If dentures are not fitted correctly, they can often become uncomfortable and make eating certain foods difficult if not impossible. They can also adversely affect your confidence if you feel you don’t want to smile, or even talk in public if the dentures are ill fitting and sliding and slipping in your mouth. A more secure solution for missing teeth is dental implants that are available at Harley Street Dental Studio.

Is there a more permanent solution?

We offer dental implants for people with missing teeth, which act as your natural tooth root and are made using titanium. These fuse with the jawbone to create a sturdy foundation for the implants so you can have natural looking and acting teeth. Once we have added the dental implants to the jawbone, they are then left to heal fully. The gums need to heal and the implants need to fuse with the bone in the jaw. One healing is complete, natural looking crowns can be added to the dental implants so it looks and feels like you have a full set of teeth.

What are the main benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants offer most people a permanent solution to denture problems and missing teeth. Dental implants can also make the face look younger as teeth offer the lower part of the face structure, without them skin starts to sag. Missing teeth also means that the jawbone starts to weaken but dental implants help the jawbone to stay strong and preserved. Once dental implant treatment is complete, you are free to eat whatever you like without worrying about your dentures. You can smile and laugh with friends and family without worrying what your teeth look like. For more information about dental implants get in touch with the team today.




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