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Do Mouth Guards Make A Difference In The Heart Of London?


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If you’re a fan of contact sports or martial arts, you will probably have noticed most of the players wearing mouth guards, but does wearing a gum shield make any difference and should you be wearing one of you participate in sport?

The importance of gum shields

The primary purpose of gum shields is to protect the teeth and prevent injury. If you play contact sports or games that involve hard objects or surfaces, falling or collisions with others, there is a risk of dental injury and wearing a mouth guard helps to lower the chances of damage to the teeth. Examples of injuries that may occur during sport include dislodged teeth, chips and fractures.

In addition to offering protection against injury, some mouth guards also offer sports performers more. The Pure Power Mouth Guard, for example, promises to enhance sporting performance, as well as reducing the risk of dental damage.


The Pure Power Mouth Guard (PPM) is a very sophisticated gum shield, which is worlds away from the ‘mould your own’ styles you can pick up at a sports shop. The PPM is custom-made and it alters the position of the jaw automatically when you put it in your mouth. This means that when you play sport, your jaw is always in the best position.

Adjusting the position of the jaw facilitates better muscle contraction and reduces tension and pressure in the muscles, which improves flexibility and posture and prevents muscle strain.

With the PPM, you can focus solely on the game or match, rather than having to think about dealing with muscular pain or putting up with an uncomfortable mouth guard.

Who can benefit from the PPM?

The PPM has benefits for anyone who participates in sports that carry a risk of dental injury and is highly recommended for amateurs and elite performers in activities including boxing, martial arts, rugby, hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse.


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