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Discreet White Fillings Of The Future For Patients In London


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Needing a filling is something that most patients dread, and having a filling afterwards usually looks like a black stain on a white tablecloth. Regardless of the skill of the dentist, filling a wide tooth with silver filling will forever looked like a scar on the tooth. Thankfully,in this 21st-century at Harley Street Dental Studio we offer fillings the exact colour of the tooth.

Traditional Isn’t Always Better

Apart from the unhealthy appearance of the silver filling, there are a few things that all patients should understand about silver fillings. Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London provide amalgam free treatment but what exactly does that mean? Amalgam is present in traditional silver fillings and one of the key components of amalgam is Mercury. It is well documented and Mercury has debilitating properties for people, not least of which is reducing the strength of the teeth.

Out with the Old, in with the New

We offer a removal and disposal service, extracting and replacing amalgam silver fillings with discreet white fillings. White fillings did not contain any amalgam, can be colours match to the exact tooth tone and help strengthen the tooth. The discrete white filling quickly returns a filled tooth to a healthier looking tooth. Amalgam free fillings don’t have any adverse effects on the tooth structure because they don’t contain mercury, white fillings actually strengthen the tooth structure and typically last for up to 10 years. A further advantage is that white fillings make it easy to identify any future problems around the filling, should they occur, helping the dentist can more effectively for the patient’s teeth. Less healthy tooth material needs to be removed in order to put in a white filling, and because the fillings are administered in a different way, white fillings are easier to repair in future.












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