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Direct Access To Dental Hygienists For Patients In London


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A new law has come into play, which makes it much easier for dental patients to see a dental hygienist. The change in legislation means that patients can now see a dental hygienist without a referral or recommendation from their dentist.

Dental hygiene is the cornerstone of good oral health and improved access to dental hygienists will only serve to improve standards of oral health and reduce the risk of hygiene-related diseases, such as decay and gum disease.

News of the change has been welcomed by dentists and dental hygienists, as dental hygiene sessions can make a real difference to oral health, as well as being beneficial for the aesthetic of the smile, an issue which is increasingly important for a large number of patients.

Changes in the law, which enable direct access to dental hygienists, are also positive news for nervous patients, as many people who suffer from dental anxiety feel more comfortable seeing a hygienist than a dentist. Regular hygiene sessions also reduce the need for complex treatment, which can be a very daunting prospect.

How can patients benefit from visiting a dental hygienist?

Many patients may assume that they do not need to see a dental hygienist because they don’t have tooth pain and their teeth appear to be in good condition, but a trip to the hygienist will always be beneficial. Even if you have strong, healthy teeth, seeing your hygienist will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Hygienists are able to provide a much more intensive clean that brushing at home; hygiene sessions remove all the plaque and bacteria from the mouth, leaving your teeth glossy and smooth and your mouth clean and fresh. Contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London for more information




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