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Did You Know there’s a Secure Solution for Loose Fitting Dentures?


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Have you been having troubles with your dentures? Are you tired of trying to soldier on with loose-fitting dentures or are you searching for a more secure option? If so, we may have just the solution for you. With implant-retained dentures, we can provide you with a beautiful smile, which is also completely secure and stable.

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If you have loose dentures, we recommend considering a type of implant treatment known a denture stabilisation. With this technique, we use dental implants to anchor a denture, giving you a stunning smile that enables you to eat with confidence and eliminating concerns about the denture coming loose or feeling uncomfortable.

Denture stabilisation involves using a set of implants to secure a denture. Implants are small titanium rods, which are placed inside the jaw bone to take on the role of the tooth root. Once the implant is in place, it provides the same level of stability as a healthy tooth root. Implants last a very long time and they enable you to enjoy all the functionality of a healthy natural smile. You can eat what you like, your speech will be clearer and your smile will look incredible. You can also enjoy peace of mind that there’s no risk of the denture wobbling or becoming unsteady.

If you’ve experienced difficulties with dentures or you find your dentures uncomfortable, why not consider denture stabilisation? We can provide you with a beautiful new smile with the guarantee that your dentures will never come loose. Call us or get in touch online to see how incredible implants could benefit you.


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