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Did You Know the Right Mouth Guard Can Boost Your Sporting Performance?


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Are you looking to gain a competitive edge over your opponents? Do you want to improve your sporting performance? If so, have you considered investing in a state of the art mouth guard? At Harley Street Dental Studio, we are proud to offer our clients the Pure Power Mouth Guard. This innovative piece of kit is a must for ambitious amateurs and elite performers hoping to take their achievements to the next level.

What is the Pure Power Mouth Guard and how is it different?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is much more than a protective shield for your teeth and gums. This mouth guard is specially designed to facilitate muscle contraction by adjusting the position of the jaw. When you put the mouth guard into your mouth, it will automatically reset the jaw to its optimum position. This minor adjustment reduces tension in the facial muscles, it improves muscle contraction and it ensures that the mouth guard is comfortable. Studies show that the Pure Power Mouth Guard can also help to improve flexibility. Each patient is provided with a bespoke Pure Power Mouth Guard.

Traditionally, mouth guards are used to protect the teeth from hard surfaces and flying objects. The Pure Power Mouth Guard fulfils this role, but it also offers so much more. This is a device, which can actually make a positive difference to your sporting performance, as well as reducing the risk of dental injuries.

Who would benefit from Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard can benefit anyone who participates in contact or fighting sports. If there is a risk of dental injury, there’s a good chance that you could reap the rewards of investing in a Pure Power Mouth Guard. We strongly recommend using a mouth guard for sports including boxing, martial arts, rugby, hockey and lacrosse.


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