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Did You Know That Harley Street Dental Studio can help with headaches?


How can we help?

As dentists, you may assume that our talents are limited to treating dental pain and keeping the teeth and gums in check, but did you know that we can also help to soothe headaches? If you suffer from headaches on a regular basis, we may be able to help.

How we can help with headaches

If you have persistent headaches, there may be an underlying cause that we can treat. In many cases, headaches, especially those that occur in the morning, are linked to bruxism. Bruxism is the medical name for tooth grinding.

Grinding the teeth can damage the teeth, but it can also increase tension in the temporomandibular joint, or the TMJ. Headaches are a sign of TMJ disorder, a group of symptoms that affects the joint. The TMJ is an active joint, which has a range of important functions. It connects the lower jaw to the skull. Other symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Restricted movement
  • Pain in the neck, back and shoulders
  • Clicking or popping noises when you move your jaw

If you do grind your teeth and this is contributing to bruxism, we can help you by providing you with a custom-made device, which will protect your teeth and jaw while you sleep. We offer bespoke splints and bite guards to prevent contact between the upper and lower sets of teeth during the night.

Botox for migraines

If you suffer from migraines, we may recommend trying Botox treatment. Botox is an approved treatment for recurrent migraines. It works by temporarily paralysing the muscles as a result of blocking nerve signals.

If headaches or migraines are getting you down, contact us today.

Did You Know That Harley Street Dental Studio can help with headaches?

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